Thursday, 29 September 2011

Not quite self-sufficiency

This year has been the most amazing year for fruit.  With absolutely no attention from me, my little garden has produced a super-abundance.

The tomato plants ran riot, not so much climbing as crawling, but still giving me more fruit than I can eat.  Tomato soup recipes are being consulted daily. 

The grapes came early but there were plenty for the birds.  There's supposed to be a black grape vine too but it may have been overwhelmed by the green.  Their primary purpose is to provide shade for the sitting out area so I shouldn't complain.

The pears have been as good as they always are.  I have no idea what to do to keep them in good order, so they look after themselves and make a good job of it.  I won't interfere.

And this little fellow comes harvesting daily.  Usually he's too fast for me but I managed to get a couple of pictures, blurry but...

At the moment he's more interested in the neighbour's walnut tree.  The walnuts are as big as his head but he still manages to run like the wind carrying one in his mouth.  I think he was planning to hide it in my garden until he thought I was paying too much attention.  So off he ran.

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  1. Funny that he though YOU might take his walnut. Our squirrels here are going after the pecans.

  2. Hi Shakespeare! He's a red squirrel, always very shy. Grey squirrels would almost take food from your hand. Pecans, that would be nice - grow your own pecans.

  3. I really liked this fruity squirrely post. :) :)

    These are amazing pictures! You outdid yourself again!

  4. Great produce and with no effort! And a red squirrel also, brilliant. I thought they were only found in the Scots highlands these days?


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