Friday, 4 November 2011

Aeroplanes in odd places

Sometimes I'm going along in a bus and I spot a view from the window and wish I had my camera at the ready, or even with me, but the moment passes and so does the view.  The picture above is one of those views that I've been wishing about for a long time.  That aeroplane never seems to move.  But the bus does and the driver won't stop.

Then there was a traffic jam.  I took out the trusty camera.  And there you have it - Kent International Airport.  Truly.

This one I've been waiting for for years and it's still not quite right.  When I used to be designated driver on airport duty would see aeroplanes perfectly parked waiting for a photo opportunity.  Those were the days before I had a digital camera and besides, I was driving.

Then, last month I got it, almost.  If the driver had obeyed entreaties to go faster and stay in the middle lane it might have been perfect.  So there you have it, Charles de Gaulle Airport taxiway crossing the autoroute A1 just outside Paris, with a plane on it.

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  1. I'm glad to see you blogging again, A. :)

  2. Wonderful shots! I can't decide which I like better - they're both too good for words.

  3. I'm glad you were persistent. These are amazing photos.

  4. Looks scary to me *LoL*

    Btw: Sorry it's a long time since I've visited. The reasons are explained in my second last post.

  5. I have some photos of odd places in aeroplanes if you are interested...

  6. I know the feeling. Classic "miss" for me is an unrepeatable.

    A back-country road, farm on the left, long grass between fence and road. Hovering (as best it can) above the grass is a harrier hawk (about 1.5m across). Sticking out of the grass is the neck and head of a large, and very irate, goose defending her nest.

    I come round the corner in the road, see this right in front of me, then it is past, gone forever.

    I like the De Gaulle airport image... :)


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