Sunday, 18 December 2011

Grey is the new red

As I wandered around town the other day, I suddenly noticed that the Father Christmases (or should that be Fathers Christmas?) were dressed in grey.  When did this new fashion start?  Have I been missing something.

Wine seller


I also see they are all wearing spectacles.  The first one I noticed was the one in the optician's window and I thought they were being clever.  Then the wine seller had his Father Christmas surrounded by bottles, fair enough, but I started to worry when I got to the pharmacy.  However the worry was unecessary and he was clutching his skis.

I don't know where this fashion for grey came from.  Whatever next?  Grey berries on the holly?


  1. I thought his outfit was originally green and Coca Cola changed him to red for their adverts long ago. Or is that an urban myth?

  2. I hadn't noticed this, but I like it.

  3. @Adullamite, I'd heard about Coca Cola's advertising changing the image of Santa Claus but I don't know what he looked like before.

    @Max, it may be a local thing or a French thing.. I've never noticed before but in fact I think it looks better than the red. Maybe just because it's new.

  4. I have found a grey Santa on this Finnish site.


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