Monday, 19 December 2011

Montpellier Christmas market

I don't know how often I've been to Montpellier in the south of France, but it must be approaching half a dozen times.  It has always been a convenient stopping off point on our way south.  I know I've been shown around by a friend who lives nearby at least twice but as far as I can tell, I've never taken any photos.

Often the excuse is that it's dark or at least dusk by the time we arrive, as it was this time, not usually the best time for photos.  However this time there was the Christmas market in the Place de la Comédie, opposite the Opera House and right down towards the tree-lined Allée Paul Boulet.  

I'm prepared to believe that Christmas markets hire out the same "chalets" to everyone and then pass them on to the next market - except of course that they all want them at the same time.  These do look very similar to the ones I saw in Winchester in 2007!  How time flies when you're enjoying yourself.

Cuddly toys.

One very bored little girl.

She would probably prefer a ride on the merry-go-round.  This is in the Place de la Comédie all the time, if I remember rightly.  Nobody riding it yet.

Nobody wanting the Santa outfits either.

But there were customers at the many "vins chauds" stalls.  I didn't sample any but I imagine it's much the same as mulled wine or Glühwein. There are regional variations but usually it's red wine heated with spices and sometimes sugar added.

Hot chestnuts, too, seemed very popular though I think the wine was the main draw.

And all around were beautiful lights and decorations, very hard to capture the effect in a photo.  Some, most really, were stunning.  The Opera House was draped in what can only be described as rivers of tiny lights.

Next time I go to Montpellier, I will make a special effort to take go around the old part of this beautiful city - and this time take photos.  I can't understand why I haven't done so before.
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