Thursday, 22 December 2011

Toulouse had a Christmas market too

And as you can see, the stalls were the same again.  It was much, much busier.  Toulouse as a whole was much, much busier than Montpellier but I suppose it's to be expected in the fourth largest city in France after Paris, Marseille and Lyon. 

It was in the Place de la Capitole, a huge open expanse opposite the Capitole, the town hall.

I arrived just as the sun was setting and lighting up the Capitole with the last rays.  There is a passage through the Capitole building which was being used to display scenes from a fairground or circus, perhaps from the 19th century.

I couldn't quite work out what they were for because they weren't really in the Christmas spirit.  So true to life as to be vaguely unsettling.  The words on what I suppose is a caravan are, "Montreur d'animaux savants", "Exhibitor of animals".

By the time I'd finished looking at the spooky sideshows (with sound effects) the lights were starting to come on outside.

Most of the stalls seemed to be food-related, or at least those were the ones I noticed.  I must have been feeling hungry by this time.
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  1. Both do much better than anything found in the UK. We had some imported from France and elsewhere to liven things up a bit. I thought they were very good bu the prices sufficient to clear the Euro zone debt!

    I hope your Christmas is an enjoyable one!

  2. I think most of these are quite expensive too, but often you can't find the same in shops. Even our local weekly market is expensive but it does save travelling to a supermarket.


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