Saturday, 24 December 2011

Surprises in Toulouse

I thought after a long, long break, I ought to get back to hunting for photos.  I was very surprised to find there are now two versions so I've hastily added in another surprise, one of several that I found in Toulouse in the south of France.

This first is a double surprise - it isn't a picture of Toulouse but of Montpellier.  My surprise was that the Christmas lights in Montpellier were more striking than the lights in Toulouse (see my previous post).  Toulouse is much the bigger city so I was expecting more or maybe expecting too much.

My next surprise was that the beautiful Chapelle des Carm√©lites  is used for exhibitions like this one about Vietnam:

The boards displaying admittedly interesting information really spoilt the feel of the place for me, not to mention making taking photos very difficult.  The walls and ceiling are covered in wonderful 17th and 18th century frescoes.  This is all that remains of the convent, the rest having been destroyed during the French Revolution.

The next surprise was at the Basilica of St Sernin which is one of the important stops for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela.  Mildly surprised to find it's built of red brick but more surprised to find ...

... the building completely surrounded by a flea market where you could probably buy, I think, absolutely anything at all.

My final surprise came at the Canal du Midi.

Here I was surprised by the trees.  Bearing in mind that this was taken in mid-December, I was surprised how many leaves were still on the trees.  Presumably it's down to the fact that it has been an unusually mild autumn and winter.

In truth there were many more surprises in Toulouse (and many more lights in Montpelier) but this is long enough now.  Happy hunting to all!

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  1. Great take on the themes! I bet there are many surprises to be found at the flea market too :) Happy Holidays!

  2. Yes, Sue, many surprises there too! I was amazed at the extent of it and the range of offerings was - surprising. :)

  3. Beutiful!
    I hope we can all 'gather' next saturday too.

    Merry Christmas~

  4. Hi A --

    Seasons greetings and so happy to see you Photo Hunting again. :)

  5. I once helped lay out a 'Discalced Carmelite' in a mortuary chapel. Beat that!

  6. @YTSL, thanks! :)

    @Adullamite, um, no, can't beat that. I'm not sure that I want to. :) :)

  7. Lovely indeed. I wish I were there... In fact, now you made me long for our next trip to France, which is not until August... We're going to visit Claudie et Pierre in their new house :-)

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas filled with peace, joy and laughter - and love of course!

  8. I really enjoyed seeing your photo hunts this week. Glad you are back in the hunt! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

  9. Beaustful shots - perfect for this week's theme. I'm looking forward to visiting this area of France this summer.


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