Saturday, 10 December 2011

Let loneliness caress you

Copied from the comments in A Postcard a Day where it was languishing without enough notice, contributed by soubriquet of Grit in the Gears.

Go to the forest
Go to the mountains
Go to the far off sea
Let loneliness 

Caress you
Until your skin is thin enough
So thin that your heart
Sees me through it
That I was the one
Who caressed you,
Who caresses you
Go, go. 

~Tommy Tabermann
Originally written in Finnish


  1. Good grief. If I get quoted and referred to enough, I'll be a real person. Paparazzi will lurk outside my door, then I'll die in a tunnel in Paris, chased by photographers on scooters.

    It's all downhill from here.

  2. What have you done to my line breaks, soubriquet? I promise not to refer to you any more if you promise to leave them alone.

  3. I never touched your line breaks. But I did see a gnome, in a grey coat with a fur collar, fiddling, furtively. I'll bet he's the blighter who did it. Quick, fellows!, There he goes! After him!

  4. No, no, leave him be. I quite like gnomes and there seem to be a lot of them hereabouts.


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