Thursday, 19 July 2012

A dry squib

Yesterday evening the Dover area was damp, very damp, but the Olympic Torch arrived nevertheless.  It went into the Channel Tunnel, it went for a short ride on a tall ship, and it ended up at Dover Castle for a firework display.  It was a shame it was so damp.  Some people noticed the lights over the castle and thought it was a thunderstorm.

In spite of the weather forecasters spreading doom and gloom, today dawned bright and sunny so the crowds gathered for the next leg of the torch relay.  Outside my window, near enough.

In spite of trying, I couldn't ignore them so I had to join them.  I got a good spot by the side of the road.  I waited.

The police came by.  I waited.

I looked at the flags.

One dog had had enough.

The police came by again.  At this point the police had been past at least six times.  I'm sparing you some of the detail.

Then we had the bus.  It either did several circuits or there were several buses.

I'll have to skip some more or it will take all night.  After a whole fleet of assorted yellow/orange buses and cars passed by, we got The Sponsors.  We had Coca Cola, Samsung and Lloyds TSB, all very loud and cheery.

And we waited.

And talked amongst ourselves.

Then there were more police, more yellow/orange vehicles and suddenly ....

 ... a runner.  I blinked and almost missed her.  Who the other runners were, I've no idea.  They appeared from time to time between the vehicles.

So then we all went home, most of us.

Some forgot where they were going...

And others, well the air was full of the promise of bacon.... sausages.... eggs....

In spite of myself, I enjoyed the morning. 

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  1. Somewhat typical of the haphazard organisation of the Olympic games. I thought the 'Dome' was bad enough but the shambolic organisation makes 'Team GB' a record breaker for meaningless Olympic dross. Even the Italians are more organised.
    Still the report was good, it felt like we were there. the pics reflected the wait very well. And the sun shone.
    " In spite of trying, I couldn't ignore them so I had to join them." Loved that, and many would have felt the same.
    Apparently this torch came within two miles of here, nobody noticed.

    1. So much hype over very little substance. I don't really want to be a killjoy but it must have cost a FORTUNE and what did anyone gain? The pubs sold a few bacon sandwiches...

    2. I'm not sure I can agree about Italians, though.

  2. I found your blog by chance and I have to admit, I enjoyed your post.


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