Thursday, 4 October 2012

Love, love me do

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Fifty years ago I was still in school but I do remember the release of Love, Love Me Do by the Beatles.  The news bulletins seem to be full of it today.  I was not especially impressed by the song but presumable everyone else was because within a very short time our biology teacher had to remind us how to spell "beetle" correctly.  Forcibly.  She was possibly the most sarcastic person I have ever come across.  I can still hear her voice even if I can't remember her name.

Some years later, and well after The Beatles left, I turned up in Liverpool as a student to study biology - without Beatles or beetles either.  I never did get to the Cavern.  It didn't stop us feeling we were somehow part of the Beatles era and road signs were regularly removed from Penny Lane to decorate student bedrooms. So I'm told, of course.
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  1. You at school 50 years ago? I don't believe it!

  2. hi, A. i find that teacher of yours funny. there are still teachers nowadays who love to be 'sarcastic' as if that makes a difference. :(

    been making rounds of the folks who used to photo hunt with me before. imagine to be finding time only now. :D


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