Monday, 8 October 2012

What have they done to my beach, Ma?

They have plans for new sea defences. Today, I saw how far they've got in four weeks.  The pipe you see in the top photo is bringing in "shingle" from a barge and/or a boat further out at sea.  The barge seems permanent, the boat comes and goes.

The "shingle" doesn't match the original.  It is at least 50% sand.  I suppose they know what they're doing.

If it ever stops raining I'll take more pictures.

The same stretch of beach, eight months ago.


  1. This should stop the house being washed away during the next storm.

  2. Shingle. That stuff which Americans put on their roofs.

    The barge will be a barge... The boat is most probably a dredger, which is ravaging its way across the seabed, and returning every now and then to dump its haul into the barge. Not very eco-friendly.


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