Sunday, 4 November 2012


I have participated in the Blog Blast for Peace two or three times in the past but fell by the wayside.  Today I return.

This summer found me visiting some of the First World War graves in northern France and in Belgium.

These thousands of graves are some of the 40,000+ at Notre Dame de Lorette in northern France, the largest French military cemetery in the world and an example of the useless waste of life in war.  40,000.  That's far more than the number of people who live in the town where I am, and it's only one of the war graves we visited.

It's easy enough to blame politicians and governments for the lack of peace in the world but it's down to each of us as an individual to vote for peace in whatever way we can.  

We should continue the quest for peace in our day to day lives.  Don't wait too long to put things right or you may never have the chance.  Today, now, is the time to make amends, to forgive and forget, or there may never be another opportunity.  "Let not the sun go down upon your wrath."

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  1. Glad you are out and about, but you could have chosen a different place.
    War only brings destruction but people always want it!
    Once folks have gone it is too late to say 'If only,' how I know this.

    1. Actually the photos were taken a few months ago but things must be improving because I didn't think of it as inappropriate.

  2. I've heard people say that the serenity found walking through the lines of graves is profound. It seems odd that such destructive death on so massive a scale from the machines of war should create such serenity.

    Peace to you and yours on this Blog Blast Day and in all the days to come.

    1. They are superbly beautiful places, in such complete contrast to the reason they are there.

      Thanks for your visit!

  3. You are so right. Peace be with you, now and always

  4. Lovely and somber peace post. Thank you for being with us today.
    Peace to you and yours,


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