Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sun arise

Sun arise, she come with the dawning,
Sun arise come with the dawning
Spreading all the light all around.

Sun arise come with the dawning
Sun arise, she come every day. 
Sun arise, bring in the morning, 
Sun arise, every, every, every, every, day. 
She drive away the darkness, every day, 
Drive away the darkness, 
Bringing back the warmth to the ground.

Not all that much warmth at that time this morning but it's lovely now and the temperature has reached the dizzy heights of 12 Celsius (53 or so F).

The words are part of a song, Sun Arise, performed by Rolf Harris, co-written with fellow Australian Harry Butler.

I tied to embed this video with great Australian images for those of you who weren't brought up on Rolf Harris but it won't embed so here is the link.


  1. Lovely picture. I want to be on that ship, going somewhere, anywhere.

    Sun arise, every every every every day, Ha, I can hear Rolf in my head. Good bloke, that.

  2. I was about to add the AIS information about the ship which looks a lot less romantic in the full light of day, or maybe you wouldn't mind that. It has been parked there for about three days. It's the Asian Prosperity sailing under a Liberian flag, last known destination Dunkirk.

  3. Excellent shot! Lovely to watch the ships passing, or waiting.

  4. AIS is fun, it does much to assuage my curiousity.
    I travelled through the kiel canal once, on a smartly kept, shiny, finnish-flagged container ship. Passing us in the other direction were soviet bloc ships that looked to be held together with rust. They looked so bad they looked as if a bash with a hammer would be enough to have parts raining off them.
    Potbellied 'officers' in dirty singlets, chain-smoking, and hawking up phlegm on the bridge-wings. grey washing hanging on makeshift lines here and there.
    No prosperity, that's for sure.

    But the pic, that hazy yellow light, jmw turner would have loved to have painted it.

    1. Ah, now, Turner frequented these parts. Well, Margate anyway but Margate is in such a sorry state these days he's probably turning in his grave. The queen went to visit the new Turner Contemporary gallery and they had to get rid of all the stinky seaweed before she arrived. Unfortunately the day of the stinky seaweed removal was the day I decided to visit.

  5. How are you lass? How's things?

    1. Things are OK, I think. There again, I'm trying not to do too much thinking. I'll be fine, thank you for asking. :)


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