Monday, 31 December 2012

A brief moment of sunshine

People came out to take advantage, walking up and down the sea front.  It was still pretty windy though not too cold.

The wind brought out the Dads and kites.  The butterfly was very successful and fluttered by for a long time but the others made only occasional and brief appearances.

I marched by sister around the castle.  I'm not sure how impressed she was.  The helpful man who let us in warned that the underground tunnels were rather wet.  Either I'm missing a large section of the castle from my mental map, or I'm visiting the wrong castle.

Since then, the sun has gone in.


  1. Looks so wonderful and fun! Happy New Year - may it be filled with lots of love, passion and lots of Champagne of course ;-P

  2. Wrong castle or not if by the sea it's worth a visit!
    May this year have something good within it for you.

    1. Thanks Adullamite! I will make sure I find something good, no doubt about that.


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