Saturday, 1 December 2012

Brave hearts

It was a beautiful morning when I first looked outside today but I did notice the thermometer on the outside was reading 1 degree, so I imagine it must have been down to freezing an hour or two earlier.  In spite of that, there were these hardy souls cammping on the beach, fishing.

The nearest ship had been there all night but the other two were just passing by.  The French coast can be seen very clearly across the Channel, which locals always say means there is bad weather on the way.  I'm not convinced.  They never say how soon.  A day?  A week?  A month? 

Since then, the temperature has risen to about 5 degrees, the ships have gone, even France has gone, but the fishermen have stayed.
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  1. Brilliant shot. How lovely to see that view.
    Fishermen are men, that's why they are daft!

  2. Replies
    1. thank you. Less beautiful today, much less, but also less cold.


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