Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Today I thought it was time I went out walking again so I had a quick look out of the window.  Not bad, but only just above freezing.

An hour later....

Now 4 degrees warmer but looking less inviting.  Nevertheless I braved the elements and walked to the far end of the town, all along the sea front, to meet up with the group.  I thought about 20 minutes would do it.  How wrong can I be.

Forty minutes later, with the skin flayed from my face by hailstones driven in on the the north east wind, I arrived at the meeting place, sodden, frozen, and worn out.  They had gone.  Sigh.  Fair weather friends. (Thank goodness)

I did an about turn and set off back home, though at least the wind this time was something of an assistance.  I dropped in at the local volunteer centre supposedly to offer my services but really to thaw out for a moment or two.

Now I find I have to go back on Thursday morning for an interview.  Interview!  I thought those days were over.  I'd better do some homework though I'm not sure what sort.


  1. I want that sea view!
    Not to keen on the ship exploding mind......

    The volunteer folks might well be online. That will give an idea of what they offer and who does what. This maybe....

    1. I believe exploding ships and the like are probably going to damage the lens. It's never been the same since it fell down the mountain with me anyway.

      The Do It site is great! It seems I can spend my days in the library. Bliss. :)

  2. They don't want to let just ANYONE work for free, you know. That cold wind sounds terrible. Stay inside and drink cocoa and just look out the window.

  3. It may have been cold, but it looks beautiful.

    1. From safely indoors it's very beautiful. :)


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