Friday, 21 December 2012

Google maps

This evening my son was due to arrive at Ashford on one of those very fast trains they send under the water. I'm not especially familiar with Ashford so I resorted to Google maps. Fortunately I do know enough to realise that this picture/map doesn't show a railway station especially not one with the status of an International Station.  Not too many railway lines in evidence.

I looked again at the list of options and Ashford International kept taking me back to the same place - without railway lines.  It did offer me a truck stop which might have been interesting.

In the end I had to go to the station website, pick up the actual address and put that into the much vaunted Google maps.

This time I did get a station.  The B label was in the correct place but the name wasn't, or at least it was on the domestic rather than the international side of the tracks.  Oh well.  In the end I got there the old fashioned way, by following the road signs.
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  1. The labels are usually a bit misplaced.
    Glad he made it, running trains underwater is difficult.

    1. Yes, the labels are often misplaced and I can learn to live with that but the only thing worth knowing about Ashford is the International Station so it really ought to be in the drop down list. In fact it should be on top of the list.

      Yes, he made it but he must have had to paddle a lot because he has a dreadful cold. Oops, he's a man. It must be flu.

  2. I have reached destinations using Google map but that was in tiny Singapore. I hope it works when I visit Europe in the near future. Happy holidays!

    1. Hello ECL! It works pretty well most of the time, just it's worth a double check.

      Happy holidays to you too.


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