Saturday, 22 December 2012

Looking through the window at the rain

This was the view this morning as the rain was streaming down the windows.  I could just about see the sea - rough, I believe, as I squinted between the raindrops.  But I welcome rain against the windows because one of the disadvantages of living quite so close to the sea is that sea spray makes its presence known.

You can see the sandblast effect looking out from the other side.

They say the wet weather is set to continue and I have to travel to my niece on Christmas Day.  It's prone to some flooding around that area, I believe, but don't worry, my niece tells me they close the floodgates if there's a problem.  So that's all right then.

In the meantime, I'll just worry about the cold, the foreign cold, my son has generously given me.  It can't be flu after all.
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  1. PS. If it isn't flu (and it can't be because a) I'm not a man and b) I had my flu jab last month) I can't complain. so I'll do the next best thing and take to my bed with a good dose of Night Nurse.

    1. And the cat as a substitute hot water bottle.

  2. He clearly has 'Man flu' and needs urgent TLC.
    You appear top have a sniffle, caught leaning against cold windows.


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