Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Before the snow

... which is still with us, by the way, I decided to go in search of a cup of coffee on the pier.  I made the decision when the sun was shining but that didn't last too long.  The pier is long but the call of home-made cakes is strong so I set off at a goodly pace along the beach even though the sun was rapidly disappearing.

There was plenty of interest to see along the way: rough seas (slightly), fireworks (one previous owner), a lightbulb (undamaged), but on the whole it was a day of shells.  I notice the beach yields its treasures in types.  One day it's dead sea-birds, the next cuttlefish, and this time shells.

An hour later I arrived at the pier but by now it was lunchtime so I decided against coffee.  I spied a minor crowd admiring a bus so I had to go and look too, and not to seem disinterested I took photos too.

In the end though, it was just a blue bus a long way from home, just like I was.

It took only 10 minutes to get back.


  1. Oh what pictures! Especially the last! Wow.
    The seaside always has a picture, above and below.
    'A long way from home,' ten minutes walk?

    1. When you're hungry, 10 minutes can seem a long time. It's 10 minutes by road too and not the beach, so it's boring.

    2. Besides, it took an hour to get there.

  2. I love the old bus, perhaps because my Dad was a coach driver and it reminds me of him.. we shared a love of old steam engines too and whenever I see one I get a picture of him in my mind.. no bad thing. Hope you are ok, and not too snowed in xx

    1. I thought the old bus was much nicer than the modern ultra shiny ones we seem to attract here normally. We're not too snowed in, thanks, and what there was has mostly gone.

  3. I'm drawn to this set of photos .... I like the compositions. I suppose you are drawn to the sea. I would be too if I lived near a sea like that. It would suit my various moods.



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