Thursday, 3 January 2013

Today I met Tom

Years ago when I was a little girl and my sister was even littler, I used to make her learn things out of books, and then I would test her to see how much she had remembered.  She used to get very grumpy so I decided not to go into teaching.

These days she is still littler than I am, as I retain a half inch advantage (in height).  She is less grumpy though.  The other day there was a programme on TV about Canterbury Cathedral and I made her watch it.  Today I marched her around the cathedral expecting great things but the one thing she remembered we couldn't find. (A paving slab worn down by years of kneeling).  She will have to watch the programme again.

I contented myself with pictures of carvings...

... and cats.

This fellow seemed rather elderly and very sleepy but he had a comfortable bed on the old stone seat.  I was delighted to find that the cathedral cats are honoured on a tea towel

and that's where I learnt that I had met Tom. 
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  1. Perhaps. Close enough.

    Surely not a cathedral shop, though? :)

  2. Close enough? It's spot on. The original does look older and have grey hair but that's only to be expected.

    Yes, the cathedral shop. The very, very expensive cathedral shop. I now have a very, very expensive tea towel because I think Tom is the bees knees.

  3. Tom probably has more theological understanding than most Anglicans! How nice to see cats in such a place. The shop will be expensive, it probably costs a few million to keep the place going each year.

    1. It was really nice to see the cats. It somehow transformed the place from a museum to a "living" building, if that's the right word.

      I'm happy to pay the prices in the shop to some extent. They let me into the cathedral for free because the last time I paid I signed up for Gift Aid. That allows me free entry for a year but what I didn't realise was that, because I paid for 3 adults last time, 3 adults can get in for free . It makes me feel I'm somehow cheating so I bought things in the shop.

  4. That tea towel is lovely! Re the very, very expensive cathedral shop: is there a less expensive one? ;b

    1. There are any number of cheap souvenir shops around the cathedral but, apart from a few postcards, only the one that has cathedral specific souvenirs and mementoes. Actually, not all their goods are anything to do with the cathedral. They had a lovely series of bird mugs but the price made me wince - £19.99! I would have loved a mug with a robin on it but not at that price.


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