Sunday, 6 January 2013

Adding (a glimpse of me)

I thought I would return to photo hunting in the new year of 2013 - but not this week.  I didn't think I had anything to fit the themes.  I never include myself in photos but then I came across some that included a glimpse.

Some gardens and parks add art, presumably to enhance the view. Sometimes they do, and this sculpture I thought did fit in fairly well, at the Salutation Gardens. 

At times I'm guilty myself of trying to enhance nature and this sunset is one example of using an added boost of colour.  The original must have been good enough for me to have taken the picture but when I viewed it on the computer I did think it needed an extra something.

I am also guilty of adding a little glimpse of myself, most frequently shadow.  I can't think what I thought this would show but my excuse is that it was the hottest day of summer, the one hot day of last summer (25 July) and it must have gone to my head.

On that same day I managed to produce what used to be a common occurrence, the finger across the lens.  It's almost impossible with my own camera but I must have decided to take my husband's camera that day.  It was a long walk in the sun and a smaller camera seemed sensible. 


In spite of all the artificial additions, I really prefer nature's own.  As far as I'm concerned, these wild flowers added more interest than any shadow or finger of mine.

A two-in-one post for the Photo Hunts. 


  1. Thank you for always adding to the PhotoHunt! Next weekend we will be celebrating~

  2. Ah the sky, but the sky you see, the sky the camera takes, and the sky the PC offers are all different.
    Still that one comes over well. No fingers to be seen....

  3. The glimpes of you is very good ! That's what I meant too, I know that some people don't like to show pictures of themselves, that's why I only asked for a "glimpse" ! I even had one person who showed a glimpse of her in a Christmas ball ! It was very funny to see all the different ideas which came up, lol !

  4. If you are ever down this way, Cornwall, or wish to come I have a spare room and a pass for the Eden Project xx

  5. It's been a while. Glad to see you back at Photohunt. Looking forward to your posts.

  6. Hi A. --

    Glad to see you back to Photo Hunting. I did get to know of you and your blog via Photo Hunt(s) after all... :)


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