Saturday, 23 February 2013

Upper class cat

Some of these pictures, though not the one above, have been seen before on this blog but it was in the dim and distant past.  Bertie is now 7 years old but he still maintains his position at the head of the household, always making sure he has the upper hand.

He's definitely above politics, unless of course it happens to be the upper house...

But he's not above trying to make his escape through an upper window.

What, me?

This is a two-in-one post for the two Photo Hunts. 


  1. I can see where he may possible think he is an “upper” crust. Now the only thing he need is his royal throne. Coffee is on.

  2. Your two-in-one post works, A. Interesting how cats like the tops of TVs, don't they? :)

  3. He's a handsome fella. Looks like he loves being up high.
    Love the first picture.

  4. Wonderful cat picture at the top!


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