Monday, 4 March 2013

Recycling buildings

So, taking Adullamite's advice (in advance so maybe I'm psychic) I visited Whistable to look at what the sea there had to offer.  It must be 3 years since I last made a visit.

This is the sea view towards the Isle of Sheppey.

There isn't much on the Isle of Sheppey worth talking about, I'm told.  I may be doing the population of Sheppey a great disservice but I was assured by students I sent on work placements there that it's the back of beyond.

Whitstable itself is quite attractive.

It was once a great fishing port and especially renowned for oysters.  Even the Romans knew of the oysters from Whitstable.  They have an Oyster Festival each July where you can watch a boat come in with oysters and they offload it.  Then another boat arrives with oysters and thet offload that.  And so on.  I may be doing the oyster fishermen a great disservice.

But the point of this post is that they have preserved the buildings in the town centre pretty well.  It is an attractive High Street.  It's a shame quite so many of the shops are now charity shops, almost every charity I've ever heard of seemed to be represented there.  At the same time there were plenty of local shops plus an awful lot of good quality trash and trinkets.

It was Peter Cushing who drew me there.

Wetherspoons have taken over a building in our little town and while I was moaning about yet another chain a friend told me that they sometimes do things well, for example in Whitstable.  And indeed they have made a superb conversion of the old cinema.  Inside is beautiful: old cinema equipment in the foyer and the interior done in an art deco style.

I noticed that BetFred had taken over an old church or chapel which doesn't seem entirely appropriate.

But best of all was this row of buildings

Note Days Garage at the centre.  You will need to click on the image because it's small.  In that space they do car sales, MOT testing, and repairs.  I think I found a Tardis.

PS.  I've had to stop allowing anyone commenting because of the very tedious spam I've been getting.  So there's no signing in with your name and url any more, I'm afraid, but it works like a dream so far.
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  1. Love the sea, shame about Sheppey! The garage is fab indeed, I wonder if he has lorries round the back? Nice to see you getting out. In Edinburgh they stopped allowing betting shops etc take over churches. The CoS decided to renovate and turn some into sheltered housing, a better idea.

    1. Sheltered housing is a FAR better idea.

  2. Hi A. --

    I really like your photos and written observations of Whitstable.


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