Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mind the gap

My path is clear again!  For the last several months the footpath along this part of the sea front has been entirely closed while they finished off the seawall and resurfaced the path.  I can't tell you how aggravating it is to have to cross to the other side of the road, and then cross all the little side roads that lead up to the sea.  Never mind.  It's all over now, nearly.

When they first started out on this project, I was surprised and puzzled to see the word GAP marked in bright yellow paint along the path of the great new sea wall.  How does a sea wall work if it has gaps in it? 

I discovered the answer when I was in Whitstable.

At the time I was more interested in the alleys that lead from the High Street to the sea but I did notice they had wooden planks across their gaps.  I guessed they'd be doing the same for us.

They have the posts already in place though I still think it can't be as sea resistant as the wall itself.  Though wooden boats seem sea resistant enough most of the time.  If so, why not have the whole wall in wood?  That would seem more environmentally friendly.

They're still working down at the far end, or they were this morning.  Close to finished, I would say, with a lot of brushing up going on.

But they still won't let us on the beach.  Soon I hope.  Not that I'll be going down to the beach in the rain we have now, or in the fog they predict for tomorrow.
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  1. How lovely! You can almost see the sea again!
    I am sure that board will be strong enough for the waves, I've seen them before somewhere. The sun will shine plenty next week, and just for you.

    1. What was that you said about the sun? I can hardly even see out of my windows. The snow is being driven horizontally against them and it is sticking. I went out. I was blown over. I came back.

  2. I apologise. Siberia interfered!


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