Friday, 12 October 2007

Real life update

Well I did hand in my notice almost two weeks ago and it was as though it had fallen into a big black hole. It was several days later that a message arrived to say, well, nothing much. A few days later still a telephone call to ask if he was aware of where I was going. He wasn't pleased to hear where, but there we are.

In the meantime I've returned to England to see my sister, as I mentioned earlier, to discuss our mother. In the meantime events have overtaken us and she, our mother, has been diagnosed with cancer. My sister flew home yesterday and I return to France on Sunday. So today I took mother to a nursing home for a week, until I have time to organise things in France.

We (husband, cat and myself) will come back to England now for the foreseeable future and give her what support she needs. I think she'll be able to stay in her own home for quite some time with the right help.

So forgive me if posting is rather erratic, certainly over the next week, and possibly from time to time after that.


  1. Sorry to hear about your mother's illness. Put's my problem with my Mother in some sort of perspective. Best wishes,

  2. Oops - forgive the stray apostrophe!

  3. Thinking of you, and your mum

  4. Thank you all for your kind wishes. They are very much appreciated.


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