Monday, 23 February 2009

Two years of hunting

Enough is enough. For precisely two years now I have been a PhotoHunter, very nearly without break, but I have decided to stop. The feeling of dismay when I saw people had already posted, before I'd even looked to see the theme, was a clear message.

They have been an enjoyable two years so I thought I'd pick out a few of my favourite PhotoHunt entries.

From Shadows

From Hanging

From Lazy

From Narrow

From, appropriately, Favourite, though I spelt it the American way.

From Long

From Water

Those are my favourite photos from the series. There was also the set of photos in Small which has to be seen as a sequence of pictures. I would have done it differently now, but I still like the story. And finally, there was this one, Thirteen.

It brings back memories of trying to explain time switches and thermostats to a commenter with an over-active sense of the absurd.

While I've been taking part, not only have I developed an interest in photography but I've met many friends along the way, so my thanks are due to tnchick for running the PhotoHunt. I may return in time, but for now it's goodbye.


  1. Hi a. --

    "Oh no" was my first, heartfelt reaction upon reading of your decision to cease Photo Hunting. I'll miss your entries and, no less importantly, the thoughtful comments you leave on my Photo Hunt (and other) blog entries.

    Re your dismay at seeing other people's entries up early: to put this in context, remember that quite a few of us live several time zones ahead of you... so, really, hope that the likes of me have not contributed towards your decision to stop participating in the Photo Hunt. :S

  2. Love the photo series - very inspiring.

  3. Hi YTSL, I may yet wander around commenting here and there, people such as yourself that I've known quite a while. As for the early posting, no, it's not your problem but mine. I realise many people are almost 24 hours ahead of me - that isn't a worry. The problem is my own lack of forethought, I'm sorry to say.

  4. You, and your beautiful photos, will be greatly missed in the Hunt! :-) I have been doing this for almost 3 years now - have thought of stopping many times but just cannot bring myself to do it yet. LOL

  5. Thank you Pat, that's kind of you. I didn't think I'd be able to give up but the thought of "thankful", which I spotted in advance for a change, made me feel weak. Then I saw that it was exactly 2 years so it seemed as good a time as any.

  6. I get to know you through PhotoHunt. I love looking at your beautiful pictures and enjoy your posts.

    Anyway, I'll still see you when I drop EC. :D

  7. @ECL, yes I think that's where we met, though also through Lifecruiser I believe. I'll still be posting photos of course, but I'll be able to decide my own theme. :)

  8. I so much enjoy your photographs and the thoughtful commentary you give on them. Even if Photohunting stops, I hope you will still post the occasional photo :-)

  9. Don't stop posting photos!
    They are very good!

  10. Nice photos. The whole point of these photohunts is to get you out and snapping photos, so I hope that you keep looking, even when you have nothing in particular to look for.

  11. Oh no! Yours is one of the many "must see" Photo Hunt blogs when Saturday rolls around. I understand that all good things must come to an end... but I am sorry to see it end now.

    I wish you the best. I enjoy your "everyday" photos and hope you are able to continue with those.

    God bless.

  12. A you do take some excellent photos, so I hope you will continue to include these in your posts.

    That said I can also understand the pressures, I like to use the camera when the mood takes me and take pictures of what pleases me, targets and deadlines I left in the UK!

  13. Wow! These are all so beautiful. I'm not familiar with PhotoHunter, but I'm sure they'll miss your entries...

  14. I like the number 13 as well for some reason. Go figure. And I hope that absurd commenter had nothing to do with your moving on, whomever he or she was. We will miss you!

  15. I remember the PhotoHunt when there were seven of us! seven is my lucky number, that's why I remember that too.
    I like the "blogging without obligation" motto, it's the way it is supposed to be. I will nonetheless enjoy your future pictures, photohunting or not :)

  16. Thank you all. I don't intend to stop posting photos, not at all. And nobody needs to miss me, or feel they were behind my decision. I think Mar is close to how I feel: "blogging without obligation". I'd forgotten that motto, and it's perfect!

  17. this made me feel sad, A. i share what you feel. i had felt it many times - that feeling of dismay but mostly because i wanted to post early but time did not allow me. 24 hours seem not enough for me.

    anyway, i am glad to have met you through Photohunt. i did not only find your photos interesting but your posts as well.

    will still drop by from time to time. am glad it is not the blog that ended. :-)

  18. Bingskee, thank you! and I will be dropping by you too.


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